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These omnipresent, amusing and cheeky small birds remind of street children. About you it is talked, however, you do not take seriously rightly very much and hold it for a bare nuisance. Hold more distance to the people whom you cannot respect.



  • Dreaming one, he holds a sparrow, he will have to hear terms of abuse and insults from his friend, - he has many sparrows, he will file lawsuits and disputes with his friends and members.
  • arrival many sparrows with shouting in his house flying, a bereavement approaches his house, either as a result of the death one of his people or his itself.
  • see: Annoyance and frustration agree,
  • shoot: your action manner will find recognition.

(European ones).:

  • promise loyal friendship, - also: hard work, however, with some success at the end.


  • hear: you will experience disagreeable things.
(See also sparrow)

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