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Some dreams does not lack food of every kind, - however, in other dreams the dreamer also remains hungry to whom in the life, otherwise, nothing seems to go off. Supply in the dream is of course a symbolic expression for the fact that our being is nourished from somewhere emotionally. Such a dream informs us, that to us mental forces, that to us life energy supplied, the dream of the empty table, however, that those are kept from us. With the interpretation is to be respected to it from which kind the food is. Further one has to remember that with primitive people food generally taking up of soul material, 'Mana', explains. We everybody sit at the table of the life, - but often seems to us, the food is distributed very unfairly. The dream of a lady who would probably have had the claim on a full female life luck and, nevertheless, from this was excluded, stands typically here: 'I came a stair up and entered a big space. A very long table stood there which was covered, and a shape pottered about at the table. Pleased I stepped to her and asked them to put on one more cover also for me, because I would be hungry. Shaking the head she beat off my request. There I explained to her that I had very big hunger, - again she shook the head. now quite urgently I asked to give something to myself, nevertheless, because my hunger is very big and I need really a little bit, and again she shook only the head.' It can seem vice versa that the dreamer refuses the food senior to him, - she is valuable for him not enough, she seems to be impure, she excites to aversion. A person who stands really before the maturity of his personality has to be according to the known Indian word him, 'he has eaten the world.' This world which the person must digest can be moved forward to him in the dream as bitter or as a nauseating food. For it there are a lot of dream examples. The aversion is especially violent compared with meat products and sausages, when they could be the simile of the 'carnal', the sexuality. In some dreams the situation looks in such a way that in a big department store - it is the outside reality of the world with her thousand things - in the butcher's stall immense amounts often still of bloody meat are sold. Some young introverted woman of very protected being is found in the dream on the run before such a goods or slaughter-house world, and, nevertheless, she will also have to accept this side of the existence, the life will not save her the crude. It can be even ordered to her or a dreamer to eat earth, to take up the earthly in itself, to itself to the commonness of the life hinzuopfern to reach to his values. Vice versa notable personal experience of the day or any small spiritual enterprise turns out in the dream a little a right life phase, - the despised becomes the life bread. It is not uninterested what is moved forward to us, it is significant from whom we get it senior. If it is a strong, natural food, the dream is to be evaluated mostly positively. He is even more positively if we not only dine, but are invited to the table of the community, to a maybe ritual meal. At this table friends can sit to indicate on object and subject step. Maybe, however, these are strangers, creations of our own inside world with which we are connected in a deep 'communion', a Communion. This table will be not without valuable food, nevertheless, the soul for her person has the most plentiful supply ready. To many dreams feeling experiences present themselves of every kind as sweets like fruits, cakes, dessert or chocolate. Now and then a prize tab must draw the attention to the fact which mental expenditure it required to come to this sweet experience. A lady who had gained too much confidential sweetness of a very painful experience was led back in the dream in that room of the childhood where she had eaten the second small, but stolen chocolate board once to the small chocolate board which she had received with the brothers and sisters. The excess in feeling appeared to the soul a theft in the feeling stock. There also came in this time her people too briefly. In food dreams one may not ignore the personal inside experiences. The context explains there a lot. It is important whether one receives his favourite dish or must eat something that one does not know or has not with pleasure. One has to ask himself what the dream food reminds of, with whom one already received similar under similar conditions senior. The personal experience is also to be consulted there. Suddenly it can occur to the dreamer: 'This must hang together with that invitation from which from something looked other. In that restaurant in Z. I got when this certain dream court stood on the table, in very important conversation.' Some dream food reminds of youth events, of childhood recollections, - while we take this food to ourselves, we take something in ourselves on from nice or more bitterly, even today more vividly of the past world.



  • see or eat: become ill.

(European ones).:

  • even: Illness by immoderation, - sign for family disputes,
  • other see eating in the dream: if a valuable friendship registers,
  • cheese eats: it is luck-bringing.


  • meat: Luck have,
  • of flour: bad illness.
(See also food,' fruits ',' meal')

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