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Association: - abusive floor, - attack at close range. Question: - Which fears is I more exactly to be looked ready?

In general:

The spear in the dream represents the male principle and consequently is a phallic symbol and life-making a donation strength. If the dreaming sees a warrior with a spear in his dream, he is aware of the aggressive masculinity. Who puts a spear in the ground, marks his territory. If the dreaming throws a spear, he must make to himself the still undeveloped personality shares deliberate. Spear can stand for rage and other aggressions which one must better control. Moreover, he can point to the abusive criticism which one may not allow to like himself.


In psychological regard the spear is that part which is creative and active. He makes to the dreaming possible to distinguish necessary from insignificant and to reach on direct way to the aim.


At the spiritual level the spear in the dream symbolises straightness and honour.



  • (lance) see: abusive people try to approach you, - hatred and hostility,
  • throw: you want to injure somebody.

(European ones).:

  • or spit: to itself protect is no crime, - also: worldly success and recognition which will soon appear,
  • people with spears armed see: own interests are endangered,
  • defend themselves with it: one will sniff around the most intimate matters to accuse them of the unrespectability, - after long to and fro, one will be able to prove his innocence,
  • are pierced by a spear: Enemies bring to one in difficulties.


  • see: you are discontented.

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