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Bacon stone

medicine wheel:

Key words: Seifig, - workable on, - cleaning, - supporting, - restorative, - Mudjekeewis, western guardian of the mind. Description: The mineral bacon stone becomes in the medicine wheel with the west and Mudjekeewis, to the western guardian of the mind related. Mineralogists know the stone primarily existing of suet also under the name Soapstone. He is soft and easily feels seifig. The mineral varies in colour between Pale green, black and white and is sometimes to be found also with a red sting. The bacon stone can be easily worked on and was used as a raw material for bath products as well as to the piece. General meaning: A cleaning which strengthens you at all levels of the being - helps you to recognise the true causes, above all in connection with illnesses, what only allows a deep cleaning. Association: - Transcendent meaning: Understanding of the cleaning, - a gift of the strength and the maturity which can only come if childish behaviour patterns are a further-washed.

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