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Association: - Striving, - success by strain. Question: - What is I to be reached ready?


Every person must finish in the life difficulties. Often it is vital as one meets these difficulties. The symbol mountain offers many interpretation possibilities. The behaviour of the dreaming compared with the mountain reflects his psychological behaviour in the everyday life again. From the summit the dreaming hopes for more overview and a better overview about the other life or forthcoming obstacles. Already in the opinion of the old Egyptians tower up if the mountain is much too precipitous in the dream, obstacles on the life of the dreamer which shall be mastered only under big strength strains. Importantly for the interpretation of the dream it is what the dreaming on the mountain finds or what happens there. If the way the mountain is very laborious up and is unwieldy, can refer to the general life situation of the dreaming. The exact meaning arises from the different accompanying circumstances, for example:
  • mountains symbolise generally assurance and personality, while the summit always shows a certain aim.
  • wrapping
  • Being high mountains in clouds, the unity is stressed by mind and body.
  • Standing one timidly at the foot of the mountain or gets dizzy spells, there is not enough confidence and assurance.
  • the dreaming the courage raises
  • to mount a mountain, then he escapes from fear and is recompensed with increased self-confidence.
  • one inserts
  • with the rise a rest, one should divide his forces better and spare himself in the everyday life.
  • the dreaming falls, this refers to carelessness which he commits in the everyday life and he will presumably fail and hopes must surrender.
  • If the rise is not too precipitous, will also manage we the rise in the life.
  • The mountain often mount meant that one has set high goals to himself, however, can also register that one will master obstacles and difficulties, - then one comes in the dream maybe at the summit.
  • A difficult climbing tour in a precipitous mountain points to life situations because of which one could easily fail.
  • climbed one in the dream a mountain only or another did not help one in the rise, one is supported in the life and does not stand only while overcoming an obstacle.
  • not reaching
  • Becoming of the summits, the dreamer has too pinned up aims.
  • Who certainly comes on top, can be glad about a success.
  • stand on a mountain and in a nice scenery look a favorable portent is for the next time.
  • The descent can point to the end of an important section in our life, but, however, also on the fact that we have made it limited and that now a quieter time lies before us maybe one should also free himself of too high sighting which is not accessible, nevertheless, or file arrogance.
  • The fire-vomiting mountain (volcano) can simply warn about risks with plans to be booted up and sighting. Psychoanalysts interpret him, however, also as a need to remove certain feelings, recollections and other incriminating psychic contents from the life, - then it can be also significant to pay attention to what becomes from the crater of the mountain herausgeschleudert.


At the spiritual level the mountain in the dream shows the centre of the human existence. He symbolises place and meeting of sky and earth as well as human rise.



  • Dreaming of the emperors, he allows to establish mountains or hills in his country, he will send after their size and number of the new high official who should administer the country. However, this face can look only the emperor or a prince, by no means another person.
  • or mountains with wood or fresh lawn see: your steadfastness will achieve good success,
  • see in general before himself: Before you big duties pile up. If you concern them with energy, you succeed and recognition. (39, 27, 17)
  • mountains in the distance see: one should make himself calm on misunderstandings,
  • want to mount one and are not able: your plan will fail,
  • mount: Toils will be gave to you, - you are in the middle of a difficult situation. However, you will create it. Only do not surrender!
  • climb: you will remove obstacles,
  • climb and do not get on: your enterprise goes backward.
  • at his summits stand: you succeed in overcoming all obstacles, - you will triumph about your enemies, - you have overcome it. Now of all gravity is behind you and you have free road. It is important to use the time, she brings luck and success.
  • one go down: light trouble in his enterprise have,
  • climb down: The next time brings you no success. What could be reached, you have reached. Wait now, until your time is there again, then there comes the success.
  • sit at the foot of and look up: your wishes will not come true,
  • see one with a nice big castle: to great success have, - wealth,
  • see one with a ruined castle: unhappy chances experience,
  • fire-vomiting volcano: great danger, - points to a joyless event which approaches immediately, - however, one has calculated in the core long time ago on the fact that it arrives not quite unpreparedly,
  • see staggering: you are pursued by mighty enemies,
  • by mountains be enclosed: you leave a favorable opportunity unused.

(European ones).:

  • in general: Difficulties are to be overcome,
  • gruff mountain beyond a green level: if annoyance,
  • promises
  • snowy mountains in the distance: warn about the fact that your longings and attempts bring no lohnenswerten progress,
  • bald mountain: if hunger and the most different sufferings registers,
  • see one a long way off: the aim still lies far away, however, is to be reached, - make themselves on quick misunderstandings calm,
  • see staggering: Hostility and pursuit by others,
  • see a fire-vomiting: if brings damage, - there threatens a danger, - a joyless event on which one has already counted
  • see one with castle: a time with good financial relations begins,
  • with a ruin: Profit, - sends a reminder of the approaching age,
  • see one with green trees: if means good hope.
  • easily mount: if is always a favorable portent,
  • climb down from a rocky one: small success, - loss of a being close person,
  • on a pleasant and green way hinuntersteigen: fast to prosperity come, - attain fame, - one has overcome the difficulties, has attained a new examination and now receive the well-earned harvest after heavy work,
  • awake if one comes with the descent in a dangerous point: gloomy matters will get a positive turn,
  • with big strains climb: shows us how hard we will come to the aim,
  • to cleft ones climb and do not reach the summit: Setbacks in the life expect,
  • not at all hinaufkommen: if is a sign of vain trouble, futile work, - one has too pinned up his aims in the everyday life a lot,
  • stand on one: if means joy and surprise,
  • of one fall: meant loss of money and property, - attaches a disappointment, - if one sees, besides, blood, this one serious crisis of own situation tells,
  • fly over a mountain by the airplane: upcoming difficulties can be mastered with ease,
  • then
  • crossed a young woman a mountain in company of her cousin or dead brother who smiles will decisively improve your life, nevertheless, it is warned about temptations. If it is exhausted and does not want to go on, she will be easily disappointed to take a not completely so prominent position as she expected.


  • remains on the way which you have entered,
  • climb: you will arise in your struggle of existence as a winner,
  • by them be enclosed: watch that you remain in the advantage,
  • at a mountaintop be: you will defeat your wrong surroundings,
  • mountains wooded: Infidelity,
  • emporklettern and are able not further: Failures during the next days are to be registered, however, they should not shake you, because the luck stands, nevertheless, on your side.
(See also abyss,' to falls ',' climbing up ',' wall')

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