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In general:

In the traditional interpretation: An obstacle opens.


Who ventures in the dream in these tears in the earth's crust which have originated from tectonic forces, nothing has to fear, - the clear water which flows there mostly circumscribes the alert mind of a combative person who always wants the good. The newspaper column points to thirst for knowledge or on the fact that one wants to see everything black on white in print in the awake life that one believes only him who can show proofs of certain matters. Freudians interpret every column sexually.



  • Dreaming one, he comes to a fissure which has originated from rainwater, or wants to cross them, he has to expect from a daring and mighty enemy power and oppression, - he crosses the column, he will be released under big strain from the mi▀lichen situation.
  • kidnapping
  • If to him the tearing water his dress, the dreaming will lose by the power of a mighty enemy his wealth or one of the people who are called by the concerning garment.
  • Drowning one in the tearing water, he will die during the war against a mighty enemy.
  • he will lose
  • Looking of the emperors that the flooding water tears away trees or houses, to the loss of trees immediately, people and countries, - the death on the battlefield approaches, in any case, a my husband.
  • you finds the first small possibility of the rescue.
(See also newspaper)

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