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(The theatrical member who reads whispering the role for the actors with)

In general:

Did one not control in the dream the text and the gestures, the appearances and departures? Had the prompter to bail out one? Or vice versa: One got over the test well, however, other actors stuttered around? The dream wants to say that the life is no test and to one warn: If one has the text (the necessary awake mind in the awake life) not ready, it is in the time to learn him. A tip could give the piece which one rehearsed in the dream to one which area of the life is meant. If one rehearsed a certain scene, this is maybe a tip to an aspect of the life which one controls not certainly and to which one should pay attention.


Care before Einflüsterungen which should be helpful apparently. Or the unconscious needs urgently good advice.



  • Your time has come, now you must act.


  • you operates with simple-minded people.

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