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To a death dream alike is from the resignation taking. Besides, remains to ascertain from what one says goodbye (in the reality). Resignation can mean that the other life will radically change, for example, by a separation of people, things, settings, behaviour patterns and views, but also feelings or by a new occupation because the personality develops. If one wishes in the dream a reunion ('on see again' say), this is to be interpreted as a positive sign. Resignation of the parents promises change to bigger independence to younger people mostly. The resignation of a firm friend or a firm friend is often an expression of the mistrust compared with their actual loyalty, - however, maybe one also wants to win in a firm relation distance to the everyday life a little bit monotonous up to now probably. He does not mean automatically that one soon wants to leave this, - one says goodbye maybe even to something that they perform official duties. In the same manner the resignation of a house or place means, that to let his past all together or, in any case, a part of her behind himself one is already. Additional symbols in the dream can clear his true meaning. The resignation of old people can conclude in some cases by a Nimmerwiedersehen, sometimes contain, however, also the reminder, one should give up a bad habit, finally. (Women say in dreams often goodbye to somebody): in the lifestyle certain changes might enter. One should also ask himself whether was the separation right happily or sadly? If one dreams of a farewell party, is to be interpreted as a tip that something is concluded or should be soon concluded. What is to be concluded, ordinarily points the dream, while the concluded is called in the dream.


If one speaks or hears in the dream the greeting 'farewell' or 'place to stay healthy', nothing good has to mean, - then these words do not use the people if they to each other still come if they something want to undertake, but only, if they say goodbye of each other or retire. So it separates marriages and communities and heaps sick people away.



  • produce resignation greeting: a loss by illness or death,
  • of somebody accept: announced good and durable friendship, - symbol of the quick change of the life.


  • dismissing you to itself in the dream of a known person, so a break with an old friend or friends approaches. Say goodbye to a stranger, the sign points to new friendship. If you feel with the resignation special grief, is to be calculated during the next days on a pleasing event. (Child-)

(European ones).:

  • in general: the separation is a proof of friendship, however, also symbol of the quick change of the life, - also stands always for a new beginning,
  • of friends in general: one should think about the relation to these,
  • of the parents: Misery, worries or illnesses this,
  • of the lovers or the bridegroom: Loyalty,
  • to itself of friends: Friendship and help,
  • give to friends or female friends: Inheritance,
  • of strangers: Worries will soon disappear,
  • say themselves goodbye: you will be roofed in a testament, - loyalty,
  • of two people see of each other: own infidelity.
(See also 'delay')

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