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Solar clock

In general:

Should register after traditional dream interpretation that one takes care, unfortunately, in vain of a success.


She is also directed in the dream after the sun, promises all favorable what we can read up under the symbol 'the sun'. It is a sign for the change of the time, for our transitoriness and the cosmic laws which steer us. Think on occasion of your 'great moments' of the life!



  • your time is often taken up, - Missing your luck, it does not wait for you.

(European ones).:

  • the coming occurrences enclose a marriage and a death in your immediate circle,
  • see one: one should remember that the happy hours are mostly only short in the life and the next time should be used sensibly. also: one will have to practice himself in patience, until wishes will come to her fulfilment.


  • see: you fight in vain for your luck.
(See also the sun)

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