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The sunshade appears in our widths not seldom in the dream. He swears to associations of sauntering and lascivious movement in the hot sun. This is pure holiday's mood and leisure mood - one thinks maybe first. However, then appear fears which resonate in this symbol, actual before the effects of a missing protective screen, on account of the ozone hole in the atmosphere, symbolic before the acceptance and conversion of the strongest energy which a person knows: Of the 'divine' energy, her demands, her directness...



    support and help will find
  • you, - also: you begin small love,
  • colourfully and stretched: Visit of a dear friend.

(European ones).:

  • is valid as a friend in the need, help and luck promising from unexpected side, - also: signals a side jump,
  • see brightly or stretched: a dear friend will soon visit to one,
  • see themselves under an open state screen: a luck-promising dream, - is a tip to favorable weather and sunshine,
  • Having a young woman carry this dream of a sunshade (to), stands for many flirtations. One day they confuse her feelings, and, finally, her lover still comes behind her inclinations.


  • have: your shops will come to faltering,
  • shop: one wants to use you.
(See also screen)

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