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medicine wheel:

Key words: Highly, - deep-rootedly, - nourishing (physically and spiritually), - curative, - brightly, - father the sun. Description: The sunflower is in the internal circle of the medicine wheel the plant with fire and air linked father the sun. With her beaming yellow blossom the sunflower father the sun resembles and grows high up to reach to his light. The seeds of the plant deliver vitamins and nutrients. The oil pressed from them serves curative as well as culinary purposes. One can also use it to lend hair and skin to softness and shine. General meaning: Your connection with the sun, - connection with your male energy, - readiness to determine anew the man's being - something what brings increasing softness, - a flower portion of itself to your male nature. Association: The colour Yellow. Transcendent meaning: An investigation of the flighty part of your nature which longs for communication with the creative strength, - a gift of the understanding of father the sun.

In general:

Sunflower interprets the Old-Indian dream apprenticeship as a happy, lighthearted mind.


The plant which stretches itself after the sun. From there there comes the pretty interpretation, one has big trust, maybe one also is in love hopelessly. Nevertheless, the flower can also circumscribe the success which leaves us then on other hinabblicken.



  • indicates at unhappy fruitless love, but success in business things.

(European ones).:

  • trust, strength and honour, but desperate love.


  • see: your mind is very happy.
(See also flowers)

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