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The sun

Association: - Energy, - light, - spring, - life-making a donation strength. Question: - What wishes or do I fear to receive?

medicine wheel:

Key words: The centre of a solar system, - the male, - heat, - warmth, - light. Description: The sun is a white-hot heavenly body which is circled by planets. The sun supplies the planets with energy, light and heat and is necessary for her continued existence. For people close to the earth the sun was her father of the life as they saw her mother of the life also in the earth. Both caused each other to receive the life. From the sun-god of the earth religions became in many modern religions the son of God. Father the sun is in the internal circle of the medicine wheel that position which stands with the elements fire and air, to the mineral druse, the plant sunflower, to the animal lizard and the colour Sky-blue in connection. General meaning: Recognise what stands in the centre of your life, - understand what gives you energy, - knowledge about the male. Association: Sunburn, - summer. Transcendent meaning: A dream trip to the spring of your life energy. Huichol apprenticeship: A dream which leads you as the sun means that you bring light in your life to be happy.

In general:

The sun in the dream refers to warmth and consciousness. A sunny day stands for happy mood. If the dreaming of the sun is turned, this is a tip to the fact that he searches enlightenment. The sun symbolises the deliberate life which one should form with energy and energy, - at the same time she promises success, joy of life and health. If one stands in the sunshine, points to more respect. If the sun sets, promises the successful conclusion of a matter. The blood-red sun against it announces serious problems.


In primeval times the sun was the uppermost divinity. This can be derived from her important meaning for all living person. In the dream the sun always points to a creative energy which initiates spiritual, artistic or realisation processes or causes. Positive (male) by virtue of the soul, energy symbol of the life, the creative, the fruitful, because in most cultures the sun is looked as male. Where she rises in the dream, there success is to be expected in all areas of life. Where she sets, a luck phase flows into the everyday. The luminous strength of the sun illuminates our consciousness and prepares us for new and good actions. Only the torrid sun of the desert can burn, tells of suffering and the end of all things. A nice old age, one says, can expect, who the sun in the dream especially nicely and sees setting blood-red. If a dream of a solar dance acts, the dreaming would maybe like to praise the sun because of her strength enclosing everything and energy. The dreaming uses the sun for the orientation and her energy as a spring of his liveliness.


At this level the sun can symbolise the spiritual enlightenment. It is an announcement and revelation of the divinity, immortally, spring of the light, the warmth and the life. By them the things are recognizable.



  • The sun means without every doubt the person of the emperor,
  • Dreaming one, he comes close to the solar disc or seizes them, will give him the emperor so much favour as he has come close to the sun, - a woman will become an empress after this face, - the emperor has this dream, he will subject another ruler. If somebody fights or argues with the beaming sun, he will rise against the emperor, - a my husband will be punished by this.
  • Seeming it to one, he sends out rays like the sun, he will gain according to the light shine the imperial crown, - the emperor will turn out even more fully of fame in his majesty, - with a woman is valid the same interpretation.
  • Dreaming a woman, them bears the sun, she becomes, she is who wants to them give birth to an emperor.
  • Seeming it to one in the dream as if rays went out from him, so that the people cannot look at him, will also become he emperor.
  • If somebody the solar ball in hands holds, however, this sends no rays, he will recover and become glad, if he is ill or lives in misery, - a powerful figure will ignore the emperor hold prisoner this one mighty king or prince.
  • Seeming it one, the sun illuminates quite unusually his house with her rays, will make a donation to him the emperor, to the sunlight immediately, joy and wealth, - the emperor sees the sun or the solar disc coming to his palace, he will generate a successor to the throne, big man or a low man becomes raised and are made happy, soon receive also the emperor even in his house.
  • despised one the sun, to him come, he will strive to the emperor for the life.
  • Dreaming one, the sunshine warms up him on the way of, he will attain from the emperor so much wealth as the sun to him donated warmth, - this has burnt him, however, beyond all measure, the dreamer will suffer damages according to the sunburn.
  • Looking one the sun in the sky without light and rays, threaten the emperor Unheil and Ruhmlosigkeit, - a prince has this dream, he will slight the emperor.
  • Seeming it him, also the people sees the sun like he, the simple folk will also run down the emperor.
  • A solar darkness will bring hardship and war miseries about the emperor, - the sun shines again in pure light, he will win if not, are defeated.
  • to dream, the sun is covered by clouds, prophesies to the emperor Bedrängnis and illness according to the darkening of the sun.
  • Looking the sun rise beaming in his bed, he will take, if he is single, a rich woman, he is married, fall in love with a well-to-do woman and sun themselves by their influence in the favour of the emperor, attain further, to the light shine immediately, dignity and Highness.
  • Becoming the sun by weak clouds covered, will torment less oppressive need and illness the emperor, - the sun wins her full light again, he will regain health and confidence.
  • one recognises
  • from all that the sun is a symbol of the emperor, - depending on of a use or damage of her has, he expects the suitable from the emperor.
  • Dreaming one that the sun, moon and all stars with her light are gathered at a place and it seems to him as if he has power about them, he will become mighty emperor or in such a way that he steers emperor and empire to his will, - the emperor will subject all hostile people after this face, become a Mrs. Gebieterin in the imperial palace.
  • Seeming it a tallness, the sun, moon and stars are gathered without any light and he has power about them, he will be delivered because of the darkness totally to the setting and the ruin, - the emperor will be waged war by all is pressed and and get in big hardship.
  • The sun calls the main emperor, - is that which looks the performed dreams, in the country or in the provinces of the emperor, everything will come true for the latter, however, he lives in a foreign country, for ruling head.
  • nicely see seeming: Luck in enterprises, - premeaning of good times,
  • beaming: happy days,
  • rising ones: one will receive very good news, - also: favorable times begin in which a lot will develop so as one wishes it,
  • high in the sky: one must pay attention not to have crossed yet the climax of his productiveness or luck strand,
  • nicely setting: a rich, nice old age,
  • cloudily setting ones: your hopes are deceived,
  • by clouds covers: undesirable, mysterious states,
  • in the water being reflected ones: wrong pretenses will sadden you,
  • see brightly bleeding: you will receive a princely reward,
  • see dark red: heavy times will come,
  • darkens: bad progress of the shops, - evil approaches,
  • and moon at the same time in the sky see: Quarrel, war, - also: Quarrel in the marriage,
  • burns: argue and annoyance,

(European ones).:

  • strong energy symbol, - with seriously ill, however, are dreams of too much sun and light a bad sign, - the oldest dream of the man for strength and energy, - with Mrs. Symbol for strength and optimism,
  • golden and nicely rising ones: if a luck-promising dream, - he is announced orders, decorations, dignity, wealth and happy marriage,
  • a clear, beaming sunrise: if joy and prosperity,
  • announces
  • see rising blood-red: one will have to fight out in the next time a hard fight,
  • see shining brightly in the sky: if Li> promises in every respect very good days,
  • see standing blood-red in the sky: a heavy time approaches,
  • at the midday: if the fulfilment of longings and limitless satisfaction,
  • promises
  • sundown: Joys and prosperity cross the Zenith and admonish to look with new zeal after the interests,
  • setting ones: if losses and dilapidated promise in unmercies, she indicates under circumstances also the golden gate, the entrance to the death, however, in peace and glad hope,
  • see seeming brightly in the evening: Success in all enterprises, efflorescence of the business,
  • see being reflected in the water: indicates at empty promises, - means a false luck or a false success,
  • see seeming in the room: if Li> brings happy hours at home,
  • see seeming in the bed: long illness,
  • see disappearing behind clouds: if Li> tells passing grief in,
  • by clouds through seeming: Annoyance and difficulties determine no longer the life, and prosperity is close,
  • by clouds covers: Grief and grief, change in the position and the place,
  • see seeming in foggy air blood-red: if the shelter recommends to the creator,
  • gloomily looking or there rules solar darkness: it approach a stormy time, - which pass, nevertheless, again,
  • to themselves in the sky see falling off abnormal fast fort or there and harsh-because of or: if means an approaching disaster.


  • see rising blood-red: Death,
  • see seeming: you will receive a public office,
  • see setting: with luck a little you will be able to explain your plan,
  • darkens: you will suffer losses,
  • and moon at the same time in the sky see: immense circulations are in preparation.
(See also fire, gold, 'Götter-(Helios)', 'heavenly body', 'candle', 'lamp', 'moon', 'Sonnefinsternis', 'desert')

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