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Association: - youthful, male aspect. Question: - In which area of my life am I ready to express my youthful strength?

In general:

Son symbolises all expectations and hopes for the future which one has just founded. Not seldom the relation to own son appears in dreams of parents in it. If we experience ourselves as a son of a father, this might be a religious tip to have trust and not to get in opposition where somewhat is wanted by us.


In the vision of the son the wish for a child can express itself. However, mostly it has a real relation to the child of the dreaming. He projects his wishes and hopes for his son. In the dream the son can often stand for the unequalled aims and wishes of the dreaming. However, in this picture the fear of age and death can be also reflected, also feeling of inferiority. Parents can be absolutely pointed out to problems of her own son and they are reminded maybe even of own culpable behaviour. The dream of the often even unknown son reminds men of the fact that with the personal inner life cannot be right some.


It dreamt one, he is in the Isthmos and searches there his son. The son died as a result of the history of Melikertes. (Ino Leukothea has taken care of the small Dionysos when this had become an orphan by the death of her sister Semelle. For it Ino was punished with her husband Athamas with insanity. When this also wanted to kill Inos younger son Melikertes in a rage, Ino tore him in itself and fled. She ran to the Molurischen rock from which she jumped in the sea and drowned. Zeus who remembered to the friendliness compared with Inos Dionysos wanted to send her mind not in the Tartaros and made them the goddess Leukothea.)



  • see or speak: Increase of the family, - also: you will experience joy,

(European ones).:

  • or daughter see: caused fright or worries which will be soon repaired, nevertheless,
  • internal complaint that with own inner life is not right a little bit if not a direct reminder is given, to own son to respect,
  • even a son of a father in the dream be: one should build up trust in a 'divine guidance' and go to ruin not immediately in opposition if somebody wants from something or demands,
  • see as a man, - a son in the dream: a sign that one would like to feel confirmed,
  • as a father
  • see his own: very often intervenes to the area of the telepathy of the clairvoyance and the 'distant feeling'. On this occasion, it depends very much on the details of the vision, - generally the circumstances under which mother or father sees the son stand in respect with the reality,
  • stately and dutiful: he will fulfil you with proud satisfaction and reach to big respect,
  • as a cripple or under an illness suffering or he has an accident: it are problems on,
  • Dreaming a mother, your son has liked in a well and she hears shouts, this is a sign for loss and illness. If she saves him, the danger passes.


  • see and speak: pay attention to your neck, - light illness,
  • do not see him at home is: you will soon receive news.
(See also family, sexual intercourse, youth, child, childhood, human meat, daughter, relatives)

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