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In general:

Slave (slave) warns about strong desires and passions from which one has made himself dependent, - this sometimes refers to a very strong emotional or sexual connection.


The archetypal picture of the slave appears even today in the dream if we feel betrayed in the awake life. However, mostly we are to blame ourselves for this slave existence because we say amen to all and never shine with our knowledge.


At the same time with the remaining dream fulfilments an interaction exists between the slave and the body of her men. Thus became that to which it dreamt, he see his house slave lying in the fever, strike of course even from an illness, - how because the slave is connected to the dreaming, thus also the body to the soul.



  • see: are subjugated, - also: you treat your people badly,
  • be: by own guilt in dependence get.

(European ones).:

  • see: one is a slave of a passion or inclination by which one will have disadvantages or damage if one does not fight against it,
  • see working: is careful, because a similar situation (prison) could meet you easily,
  • be: in a plan one will go his own way without looking after the opposition more different.


  • see: you will have to suffer punishment,
  • be: you will come to dependence.
(See also torch, sexual intercourse)

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