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Ski / skier

Association: - rapid, active movement, - physical skill and balance sense. Question: - Which part of me is ready to enjoy bigger freedom of movement?

In general:

Ski (skiing) can register that one needs an aid in a difficult situation. If one rises in the snow upwards, one becomes slow, indeed his aims reach. The departure against it announces failures, above all the schuss down which threatens a misfortune.


The winter stands in the dream as a symbol for loneliness and cold in the emotional life. Though the skiing indicates daring and quick progress of the dreaming, however, it can absolutely be that he must pay, besides, for his success with a chill feeling climate. If one comes down with the boards well the slope, everything goes in the awake life flatly, and one can make himself at home it because one can also get by without excessively a lot of work. Sometimes one will find out with the skiing how easily it translates down (: goes to a low) as difficult it is, however, again hinaufzugelangen (translates: to come to the upper floor of the life). One follows therefore other signs in such a dream.


  • go: you will experience glad ones meets,
  • skiers see: To behave a recollection of it, agilely and cleverly if one wants to reach something.

(European ones).:

  • see: warns about a sloping way, - also: one should be reminded of the fact that one achieves his aims best of all if one very much cleverly and agilely goes forward,
  • go: one comes down in a thing faster than up,
  • others see going: one is dissuaded by bad example of his way,
  • (snowy shoes) run: you will find a quick progress.


  • run: you become ill.
(See also ice, snow)

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