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Association: - Work on the basic parties or the structure, - remains. Question: - Where in my life I feel separated, or where do signs of decay appear?

In general:

A skeleton in the dream points to the basic scaffolding of a thing, maybe an idea or a draught. A dancing skeleton means that the dreaming is aware of his liveliness. If he digs out a skeleton, he brings out something that he has buried at any time in the unconscious. Symbol of the transient of whom one is afraid. The skeleton appears in nightmares and frightens the dreamer, - mostly it is frightening before itself, before his mistakes and mood. The skeleton is as it were the uncovered I.


The skeleton is in the dream often a picture for calculation, coldness and reason-stressed thinking. However, it is also a symbol for age, death, death and transitoriness, above all if in the dream action at the same time visions appear like the clock or the scythe. If the dreaming feels, besides, concern, this is a tip to the fact that he is afraid of the death and difficulties with the ageing. The dreaming must argue with his feelings to the death. Such a slightly transparent dream symbol demands to it. A skeleton in the dream can also point to feelings or talents which have 'died' because the dreaming has maintained them not enough.


At the spiritual level a skeleton in the dream can be a tip, that to find asceticism as means, in order to the Ganzheitlichkeit, should be considered. It is the personification of the death, announcement and tools of a new life state.



  • see: a big fright will remain not saved to you, - also: you will have a long life.

(European ones).:

  • indicates a spiteful fun for frightening what, however, no bad results will originate, - also from: it are forecast to an illness, misunderstandings by other people and wrong,
  • one be: one worries to himself for no reason and should take pains to a more relaxed way of thinking, - also: if promises a long life,
  • are pursued by one: are soon confronted with a stroke of fate or the death, - or the blow comes in the form of a financial disaster.


  • see: do not come to temptation, - you will make a good inheritance.
(See also bone,' X-ray picture')

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