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Siren (signal horn, - sea woman)

In general:

If the dreaming hears a siren from an outpatient clinic vehicle or a fire vehicle in his dream, this one warning is before a possible danger. If the dreaming is older, this may remind him of the war.


As an archetype the siren (woman) stands for deception and for the distraction of the person of his aim. In the dream a sexual relation which is to be used difficultly is demanded here mostly. In the dream of a woman the siren refers to Destruktivitšt and temptation. The siren in the dream can sometimes also be the Anima of a man.


Only if at the spiritual level is recognised that the siren makes the person, in the end, again him what he is, she becomes suitable and integrable. If he has her magic first of all resisted, he is free to become whole.



  • signal horn: a warning before the coming danger.
  • sea woman: one wants to lure you into a misfortune.

(European ones).:

  • good messages will be delivered one which concern the family or the friends.


  • does not trust to wrong oaths.
(See also Anima, archetypes) Siren howling (see 'air-raid warning')

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