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medicine wheel:

Key words: Joy, - freedom, - ecstasy, - harmony. Description: There are countless kinds of songbirds who honour the mother earth with the beauty of her plumage and her songs. These mostly small birds help the flowers to increase, hold the insect increase under control, show the food for bigger birds and smaller 4 legs, and are often those animals who direct the interest of the people again upon the nature. There are songbirds in the country as well as in the towns. Many people who hardly seem to perceive, otherwise, the nature put up bird house to attract songbirds, so that they can sing for them and deliver her message of the unity with the nature and hope for the life. Several trunks close to the earth hold songbirds for messenger. If you meet in the wood a small bird, should follow you him, because he could lead you in the right direction. Should you hit in a dream on a songbird, also connects you to him, because the animal can lead you on the right path. General meaning: Beauty, - joy, - nature. Association: "Sing" - let out something. Transcendent meaning: In the dream a message can be hidden in the song of the bird, so well listens. Pay attention also to the colour of the songbird.



  • see or hear: laughing future, - you forget all worries and are happy.

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