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Association: - delighted celebration, - Praising, - communication of feelings. Question: - What would like I to celebrate or inform?

In general:

If in the dream song is to be heard, this deals with the self-printout of the dreaming. He stands in connection with the fluent, feeling side of itself and the other people. If the dreaming himself sings, this his joy and joy of living points. If other dream figures sing, this shows that the dreaming was able to develop independent abilities. The affiliation to a choir is a tip that he can express himself in a group of like-minded people. Sing (song) internal harmony and good social relations can register, latter above all with common singing. Now and again it also accompanies feeling-stressed recollections of nice times.


Sing as an act of the God's admiration is an important component of many religious systems. Also a football hymn generates a sense of community, all the same whether it concerns an abusive song on the referee or a praise song on the team. If holy music determined, as for example gregorianische songs or the Chanten of Mantras, cause a change in awareness under certain circumstances. If one sings in the dream, can be laid out, actually, only positively, if one is musical. Who helps in a choir, finds a circle of happy people who harmonise with each other. This can be also pulled up for the interpretation what one sings.


At the spiritual level Can sing in the dream the connection with the higher produce.


With nice, melodious voice of songs of singing luck brings to singers, musicians and all remaining people, - badly and uncleanly sing is against it a sign of bad shops and poverty. If one still remembers of the songs which one has sung, one goes out with the interpretation from her contents. To sing on the way, is favorable, particularly if one follows a draught animal, unfavorably against it if one does it in a swimming pool. That means, one will spend his life decently and wohlgemut, this, one can lead no clear language. Many received a dungeon punishment after this dream face. To sing songs on public marketplace or on the street mean to an empire scandals and derision, to a poor insanity.



  • hear, with nice and bright voice: pleasant experiences approach you, - also: soon receive a pleasant communication,
  • even: you look after high-spirited thoughts,
  • in the choral music: one will have significant hours,
  • to the company of an instrument: by your artistic sense you create a lot of pleasant,
  • and applause harvest: one will offer to you many flatteries.

(European ones).:

  • old events are brought according to mood in recollection,
  • with nice, clear voice: if luck and joy,
  • promises
  • hear the glad: happy news receives,
  • hear the sad: bad news is to be expected,
  • sing themselves something: one is observed by somebody with critical eyes ruthlessly,
  • sing themselves a nice song: at the moment the soul with itself is in the pure, and one experiences a lot of cheerfulness,
  • join in the singing in cheerful society, as well as sing and harvest applause: big devotion of friends and friends,
  • sing and are booed: you will get to hear the judgment of different people and experience annoyance and frustration,
  • others hear singing: difficulties originate in dealing with other people,
  • choirs hear singing: very important hours come up on.


  • in general: Incommodities,
  • hear: you will find support,
  • sing: you have reason to be happy,
  • children hear singing: Cheerfulness and joy enter in your house,
  • old people hear singing: sad times will come,
  • hear singing nun: Rest and peace will enter in your heart,
  • monks hear singing: on the fulfilment of your wishes is to be calculated,
  • choir: count on your man's God,
  • in a cellar: watch out for unfair actions which you want to commit,
  • outside: finally, the sun will also seem to you again,
  • in heaven: Luck and blessing call in again on you.
(See also homing pigeon, song, song, Mantra)

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