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Silver (metal)

Association: - valuably, compliantly, spiritual strength. Question: - Which part of my mind needs the strengthening?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Value, malleably, - magic, - moon, - moon of the rest and cleaning. Description: Silver is in the medicine wheel the mineral totem in the moon of the rest and cleaning (from the 20th of January to the 18th of February) to Born ones. For a long time silver already embodies a measure of value and wealth. In addition, it is also easy to work on. General meaning: Adaptability, - pliable, - to itself come to appreciate, - recognise that also other estimate you, - magic abilities, - connection with the moon. Association: See silver (colour). Transcendent meaning: Silver can bring energy or a message from other empires in your world.

In general:

At the practical level silver is a tip to finances or money. Silver shows a value which can be brought out in difficult times and be brought to the application. Silver can stand as moon as a symbol of the soul. Coins promise financial profit, ingots warn about too high expectations.


Gold and silver are classical precious metals. As a symbol the gold stood for the male sun, the silver for the moon and with it for the femininity, because the moon is the sister's divinity of the sun. In the Christian image silver and moon belong to the virgin Maria, hence, the silver is also a cleanness symbol. In the dream silver coins are always a sign for positive female values. In the dream silver means that a useful object or a helpful person are ready, indeed, in some distance. The silver, which - appears in which form also always - in the dream points to positive female values and other symbols can state further details.


At the spiritual level silver represents the female principle.



  • see: meant wrong friendship, - also: in the occupation and financial things soon succeed,
  • silver ore: one could make from you something,
  • see melting: Loss and profit will alternate,
  • melt: you will completely have to change, then you have luck,
  • see stamping: you will create a lot of good,
  • from a silver mug drink: it will be gave to one a continual luck.

(European ones).:

  • announces loss, - warns about a too strong dependence on money to be really happy and contented,
  • crude, in mines, melted or in ingot: if wealth,
  • promises
  • silver things see: the private matters develop admirably and one has luck on the future life.


  • see in pieces: do not exaggerate!
  • in big coins: happy times,
  • in small coins: hope will not come true,
  • the raw: some devoutness could not damage to you,
  • see melting: Losses.
(See also moon,' coins ',' cup ',' treasures ',' jewellery ',' silver coins' and the suitable objects)

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