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In general:

A seal in the dream symbolises legality and moral action, power and authority. The possession of the seal lends the strength to the dreaming to take over even the responsibility for his action. Seal stands for something final which one cannot change any more, - partly refers to a concluded work, a business or the separation of a person.


A seal on a letter or writing can be a tip to the fact that a decision was made which is binding as well as confidential. One is put in the awake life possibly before perfect facts and can do something against it. Who himself seals something, a work happily concludes, has brought under circumstances also a successful period of life behind itself. The break of a seal possibly points to a breach of trust which the dreaming commits or on the forthcoming change of old habits.


At the spiritual level a seal stands in the dream for confidential, esoteric knowledge.



  • see: is hid and act, - also: you get a confidential message,
  • on a document: one will attain in a matter more security,
  • the black: a sad news receive,
  • have: you are too closed,
  • seal with it: you have secrecy, - also: one will lend to a thing stress,
  • seal a letter: you will have to complete various works.

(European ones).:

  • is valid as a reminder that now one should not explain a plan, because somebody does not play with open maps, - insecurity what concerns the exit of a lawsuit will annoy to one, however, only for a short time,
  • see: by a perfect fact one will have to submit to the unalterable,
  • close something with one: one will bring a thing to a good end,
  • seal a letter: one wants to hide a secret absolutely from others with stress and, besides, contrives a lot,
  • a sealed document: one strives for security and, besides, becomes successful.


    you should do
  • written matters, before one reminds you,
  • have: you float in danger,
  • seal: you must explain your plan faster.
(See also document)

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