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Victory / win

In general:

There are many possibilities to gain a victory in the dream. Thus it could be about the fact that the dreaming overcomes a problem or also a conflict between two aspects of itself. He can take the successful feeling which the dreaming experiences by a victory in the dream in the real life, - there is to him trust in his own abilities.


The victory in the dream embodies the overcoming of obstacles which the dreaming himself has built up. In the dream the dreaming lives through not seldom a 'proamounting', a sort of graphic staging of his abilities which helps him to attain the success in the awake state lighter.


If the dreaming has achieved a certain spiritual success, this can present itself in one or other manner in the dream than victory.



  • have luck and profit,
  • against a hard armed opponent: a forthcoming professional change one should very exactly consider.

(European ones).:

  • or win: meant defeat, - an omen for misses by discord, - one does not side in the disputes more different.


  • gain: short, but nice luck.

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