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Seven (numbers)

Association: - In the form brought energy, - growth cycles, - discipline. Question: - What is I to be learnt ready?


Seven was a holy number and after in the antiquity ancient confidential apprenticeship the number has the highest magic power. It was a symbol for the universe which was controlled by seven planets, namely the sun, moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Seven also has a dynamic meaning. The week has seven days, the lunar cycle exists of four times seven days, the rainbow shows seven colours. In the esotericism the symbolic meaning of seven is explained with the fact that it consists of the number Three, to the picture for creative mental power and Four, to the entirety symbol. In the dream seven stands mostly as a picture for a change, a personality change of the dreaming. She symbolises the completion of a work (the seventh day of the creation!) but I can point out them also to the miraculous change of the own. The number sometimes gives also the instruction, one may hold together his 'seven things', his possession, better. Here and there the unconscious draws the attention also to the fact that the week has only seven days, translates: One should always use the time and allow himself every week at least one rest day.



  • use The number in the lotto.


  • luck.
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