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In general:

The sieve in the dream is a symbol for the ability of the dreaming to be able to make differentiations, in the sense that he is able to separate bigger from little one, good of bad and so forth.


The sieve embodies the look of the dreaming at itself. He is able to recognise himself, to make a deliberate choice and to make the best from his life. The dream of the sieve can also mean that something could slip through the fingers of us that we were sure already. Seven also signals sifting out in the occupation which at the same time falling through can contain. This will be confirmed when one wants to scoop water or another liquid in the dream with a sieve, - at least this action points to our vain endeavours in quite a certain matter. If others try to scoop water with a sieve, our malicious pleasure can be meant with it in the awake life because act other in the everyday trot more stupidly than we ourselves.


At the spiritual level the sieve is associated in the dream with fertility and rain clouds: Clean rain and clean water permit good growth.



  • see: your request is rejected, - also: one should watch out for carelessness, - there is the danger that one wastes energy on people, things and money who are not worth it.
  • shop: you would like to have more freedom,
  • with it seven see: one will check you sharply,
  • sift themselves something: Warning before a desperate enterprise in which one should not waste his forces,
  • wash: you want to remove a Stockung,
  • waters with it tax away: your work has no sense.

(European ones).:

  • see: sends a reminder to the differentiation of the good of the bad, - means that one will search in vain help with his friends, - one will do unfortunately something to own disadvantage, - indicates at missed opportunities, one should resolve to seize the next,
  • use: one will have to give to somebody account about his activities and letting,
  • sift something: one wants to begin something which will turn out desperate and wastes only the forces,
  • with it waters or other liquid try to scoop: one will not succeed in reaching something with incompetent means,
  • with too small meshes: one will be able to change a situation in his favour,
  • with too big meshes: one could lose acquired things anew.


  • see with it other seven: your domestics are diligent,
  • seven see themselves: you lead a prodigal life,
  • sift themselves something: you will fall through with a request,
  • shop: Misfortune in the marriage,
  • with it waters scoop: you must consider your enterprises better.
(See also sievemaker)

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