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Shawnodese, southern guardian of the mind

medicine wheel:

Key words: Coyote, - paradox, - vulnerability, - the place of the heart, - trust, - humor, - sexuality. Description: In Sun Bears vision of the medicine wheel it was informed of him Shawnodese as the name of that which is the southern guardian of the mind. The south is the direction of the investigation, the looking vision, the acceptance of the life, the secret, the quick changes, the learning and Nährens, the gullibility and sensuousness. In the human life Shawnodese stands for the adolescence and the young adult. In the earth existence it is the time of summer and midday. The element water, the mineral Serpentin, the plant North American sagebrush, the animal coyote and the colour yellow and green is connected with Shawnodese. General meaning: Understand of your life, - increasing readiness to accept yourself as a person, - learn how you feed yourself and others (physically and spiritually) is able, - find out something about your sexual nature, - investigation of the life. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the south. See also: Directions - the south.

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