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In general:

Shampoo in the dream has an evident connection with cleaning and washing. At the practical level the dreaming maybe tries to get 'a clear head' to be able to see able to think clearer and to be able to see.


Because shampoo with the head which represents the mind stands in connection, there is from psychological view a connection with the need for clarity of thought. The dreaming maybe has the impression that his processes of thought have slowed down by external influence or have been soiled.


At the spiritual level shampoo in the dream like soap is a tip to the attempt to return to the elementary, to clear own wishes and needs and to produce a new connection with the spiritual Independently.


(European ones).:

  • observe a hair laundry: one will be involved in unrühmlichen shops to like others,
  • of the own watch: it expects to one a trip full of relish if one succeeds in keeping secret the true meaning before family and friends.

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