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In general:

An important development stage begins if the baby discovers his own body. In this stage the child learns what means touch whether it is nice, to touch or to be touched, or even whether touch is permitted. If a child is treated roughly or hit, it possibly develops fear of touches and will have to fight as an adult with sexual difficulties. The original trauma is maybe edged out, however, often it appears at suitable time in dreams again. Real development takes place if the individual does not fear the curiosity which permits an innocent investigation of his body.


The sexuality is one of the basic needs of the person. However, in the dream sexual actions deal not necessarily with suppressed desires and desirable images of the dreaming, although this can be of course the case. Rather it is pointed out by the sexuality in the dream on a psychic and creative function. The union in the dream means a mental establishment of contact. With the dreams which have a sexual action the actual living conditions of the dreaming must be incorporated for the interpretation strongly. In his dreams an individual works on his sexuality in the whole possible range. The negative aspects of the sexuality become apparent only in dreams if the person ignores his sexual nature and does not esteem this expression of his vitality. Sexuality in the dream is a natural attempt to find a balance to the awake state which is marked maybe too very according to mind or has too much weight. Sexuality in the dream shows an old need for nearness and union with another person. It is as if the person looked for a part of itself which he has lost in the other. The partner in the dream embodies the greatest possible nearness which the dreaming can find out to this lost part of itself. If the person was perfect and 'whole', he would not probably see himself after the sexual union with another person. Such a sexual dream which emphasises the feelings which the dreaming is able delivers information which enables to him to understand his needs. The following dream symbols in connection with sexuality can play a role in the dream and are interpreted:
  • bisexuality: Every person carries in himself a male as well as female side. One is more evident as a rule than the other, and, besides, a conflict often exists between the internal ones and the external world. This can be expressed in the dream as a bisexuality.
  • ejaculation: The visions of an orgasm can be an obstacle on the setting of the dreaming to the sexuality. The conflicts which originate in the dreaming on account of his desire for another person can be solved, while he dreams of an ejaculation or an orgasm.
  • fetishism: Fetishes show a fixation on an object without which a sexual act is not possible. Certain parallels exist to a child who cannot fall asleep without his dummy. Something speaks for the possibility that the person preferred at an unaware level to get by without sexuality. By the projections of his sexual energy on an object he escapes from the responsibility. Hence, in the dream a fetishism can symbolise fear, unripeness and lacking efficiency.
  • gender illness: In the dream this can be a tip to the fact that to itself the dreaming of any pollution is. This is not of necessarily sexual kind, but can also be of emotional nature.
  • sexual intercourse / Petting: The wish to communicate with somebody at a very much close level can be expressed in the dream as a sexual intercourse. If the coitus is interrupted, the dreaming possibly has inhibitions which he is not aware. Sexual intercourse or Petting can also show the Reintegration of a certain personality portion. If a child is born then in the dream, this integration has succeeded.
  • Hermaphrodit: If a dream of a Hermaphroditen, an individual acts with gender signs of both genders, this can be either a tip to bisexuality or to Androgynie, on the physically mental mixture of both genders in a person.
  • homosexuality: She means that the sexual feeling is directed upon person of the same gender. Homosexuality in the dream is called that the dreaming desires a person who is in such a way, as he himself. If the dreaming recognises what resembles in the other him not only in the purely sexual sense, the dream can be interpreted.
  • incest: Incest in the dream can indicate the feelings of guilt of the dreaming towards his parents or other members of the family.
  • clothes: She can be in sexual dreams of particular importance. If the dreaming feels completely dressed, something deals as a rule with feelings of guilt or sense of shame.
  • kiss: It can be a sign of the respect or show the wish to stimulate the dream partner. The kiss in the dream can be a tip that the dreaming should argue with which form of the stimulation he himself needs.
  • masochism: The need to be tormented in connection with sexuality can result for the wish to be a martyr and to atone for own 'sins', or reflect the desire to experience extreme feelings of any kind. The dreaming possibly does not admit deep feelings in the everyday life.
  • masturbation: The child learns to console himself by masturbation, hence, this shows in the dream a need for consolation.
  • perversion: If a dream of sexual perversion acts, this refers to the fact that of the dreaming subjects avoids which deal with nearness and connection.
  • phallus: Every picture which shows a phallus or can be associated with him is a symbol for creativity, masculinity and in general for the penetrating principle. The phallus or the erect limb symbolises vitality and creativity in her easiest ones as well as in her most complicated form. It is a resurrection and renewal of the life.
  • sadism: Sadism in the dream is presumably a sort of balance to how the dreaming consciously behaves. He can be very afraid in the everyday life either, then the dream is a defence, or he must be very determining and controlling in the everyday life, - in the case the unconscious shows his need to be controlled.
  • sperm: Dreams produce now and then strange pictures of primitive rites and customs about which the dreaming knows maybe consciously nothing at all. Many of them are a symbol for the sexual act. Sperm is the sign for masculinity and physical maturity and appears in the dream often as any milky liquid.
  • Transvestismus: He documents a confusion concerning the gender affiliation in the dream.
  • rape: Every dream of rape can deal just as much with the injury of the intimate sphere like with the sexual act. It is unlikely that in dreams sexually of abused children rape seems. Possibly appears this picture if the adult is ready to argue with the trauma.


Sexual activity is either the highest expression of love and spirituality between two people or if she is to purely physical nature, a selfish act.



  • you thinks of a night of love.

(European ones).:

  • have a sexual experience or have had: Luck and satisfaction in the personal respect,
  • other observe with the coitus: maintain even no pleasing and satisfactory respect,
  • dull sexual relations see: one carries with the thought to explain an enterprise from which one will arise dishonourable and debt-loaded.
(See also sexual intercourse,' kiss ',' phallus ')

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