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In general:

Mustard warns against getting involved in 'crooked' shops.


Have you added in the dream 'your mustard'? Then you were involved with irony and intellectual sharpness in a conversation. (Or, much more banally: They have ravenous hunger on sharp - and dream of it.)


Mustard helps only to doctors, to all remaining people he causes violent pains and brings concealed. It dreamt somebody, he drinks ground mustard, now he was involved in a process, and the accusation was in murder. He was condemned and decapitated, - then he was neither accustomed the drink, nor it was generally drinkable. Moreover, the mustard which, therefore, he drunk, before by a so-called carbon copy, - came he by Schiedsmann, that is by a judge, to death had been separated. (Wordplay: krinein = part as well as decide and direct.)



  • Dreaming one, he prepares food with mustard, he will damage many people in court march off and, - he himself eats, the need will not spare him.
  • eat: you have a sharp tongue.

(European ones).:

  • one does not take part in the clap with neighbours about somebody which was close to one sometimes, - one will make muddled deals, - such a dream also means discord among relatives, - one believes sharp mustard to taste, such frictions to the dreaming damage will cause, - danger by free speech, - one should not repeat the heard,
  • indicates to see grow for the farmer and to prospering, - satisfaction and success, - for the seafarer: Wealth,
  • mustard seed eats and feels the burning in the mouth: one will regret a hasty action, followed by grief, bitterly.


  • eat: a danger approaches.

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