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Tightrope walker


Tightrope walker means internal balance which can be endangered by risks. If he falls of the rope, one will take damage, while the dance on the rope warns with high spirits or promises success and harmony. Not seldom in the symbol a deep mental crisis appears which one must get through, even if one fears to lose, besides, the internal balance and the stability.



  • see: only by care you can repulse a big misfortune of yourself, - also: you make risky deals,
  • be: by perseverance and boldness you overcome every obstacle, - also: strive to get again firm ground under the feet.

(European ones).:

  • see: warns about risqué enterprises which will damage to one,
  • see falling: a risqué enterprise badly goes out,
  • even one be: the mental balance is threatened by others,
  • fall even as such: one will experience a heavy mental conflict.


  • see: do not think that the people helped you if you were in need.
(See also rope)

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