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Association: - Connection, restriction. Question: - What want I to join or bring under control?

In general:

Rope stands often for sexual dependence according to feeling which is so strong that one is afraid of it. Moreover, the following meanings are possible:
  • rope see asks to form an alliance with others to achieve an aim.
  • rope for tying or tiing use announces that a desired connection will not succeed.
  • rope untie requests to the tolerance for others, so that one does not destroy the connection with them.


The rope which reaches round something in the vision or binds is to be evaluated for the awake life alike: as all reaching round thought or as a wish for a firm connection. If we are tied by others with the rope, can point to bondage in an existing connection. And who watches in the dream with the tug of war or takes part, would like to be all in the same boat in the awake life with pleasure with the partner. If one sees dancing himself, however, on a rope, one has probably planned for something what is to be mastered not easily. If one falls with the rope dance, one rather left from a plan the fingers which would fall only in insoluble conflicts.



  • see: Warning of protracted risqué enterprises,
  • turn: one wants to lay to you a trap, is careful,
  • disentangle the complicated: muddled states clear,
  • hang on one: one must take before frivolous actions and decisions in eight,
  • climb down in one or themselves hinablassen: dangerous things undertake or explain, - one should not continue these unusual ways,
  • want to in hinaufklettern and not be able: what you undertake, Li> remains without success,
  • climb, in general: your strong will be reached aim also on detours,
  • cut: one will get an advantage by the damage more different, so that not be so rather contented, however,
  • tear: you are in great danger,
  • knot: one lays to you obstacles in the way.

(European ones).:

  • warns us about premature connection, however, gives the advice never to sink hope, - by strong sexual connection (bondage) caused nightmare, - surprises and complications promise in affairs as well as uncertain flirtation,
  • see: one will enter a cohuman connection,
  • see a tense one: one gets involved in ventures which could be very dangerous, maybe somebody sets for one a trap,
  • are tight or a little bit with it tie: the endeavours for the production of a connection with a thing or with a person will be vain,
  • solve: one will win somebody by tolerance for himself,
  • in a high-level climbing: one will overcome enemies, - just by courage and determination one will achieve his aims,
  • rope down: brings disappointments,
  • in ropes be picked a quarrel: one will probably renounce against his will of love,
  • one sever: one is able to overcome hostility and competition,
  • horses tie: one will have power to dispose of others,
  • run through one: one will do risky speculations - however, astonishing-wise successfully,
  • see other rope dancing: one will profit from the enterprises more different,
  • jump rope: promises that one will frighten his colleagues with an unbelievable escapade,
  • with children jump rope: one is egoistic and domineering,
  • a rope with the foot to intercept: one will be warmhearted at good moments,
  • of a hotel window lower to other people, because one thinks, the owner keeps one the admittance: one will take part in an enterprise that to the friends a little bit uncanny seems, - however, this matter will be amusing and interesting for one,
  • for a young woman is this dream a herald of indecent pleasure.


  • make: no good premeaning,
  • see making: you will not make progress surely,
  • climb down up or: you are on wrong way,
  • cut: you will bring other damage.
(See also wire, string)

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