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Soap bubbles

Association: - soaringly, let go, unrealistic expectations. Question: - Where in my life I am ready for a high-altitude flight? Where do I fear that my expectations do not come true?

In general:

Maybe soap bubbles in the dream are an expression of the childish need to have fun. On the other hand, soap bubbles make the passing nature of the luck and his longing for illusions deliberate to the dreaming. Soap bubble symbolises the transitoriness, - this mostly refers to expectations, hopes or illusions which are not fulfilled.


Soap bubbles are wonderful, but Extremely breakable. They remind the dreaming of the fact that the existence of the person is transient that nothing always lasts. She lets our hopes and illusions in the awake life only burst too easily. With this vision we should pay attention to whether we ourselves produce or other the soap bubbles to get to know more from it and from other symbols.


At the spiritual level the soap bubble in the dream symbolises the illusionary element of the everyday life and particularly the day dream.



  • see: your expectations melt away, - you achieve only a false success, - one should watch out to let deceive from outward appearances,
  • make: build no castles in the air.

(European ones).:

  • are valid for the failing of an enterprise, - also: Avoid waste, or one will lose his (n) friend (in),
  • see: one watches out for illusions because there can be bitter disappointments,
  • produce: an illusion will lead to a disappointment.


  • considers what you want to do,
  • you will enjoy a short luck.

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