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In general:

Silk often expresses vanity, however, striving for more respect and validity, - behind it there stand no suitable achievements, so that one will mostly fail.


Points to the tender feelings which one looks after compared with others. Who carries silk in the dream, can be glad temporarily about a happy conduct, about dependable partners and friends. But also of negative this silk can state, - then not free of charge there is a saying 'Some silk dress is fed on heartbreak', translates: The nice appearance cannot mislead about every grief.



  • see or use: good commercial success achieve, - go flatly through the life, - external shine and rushing parties,
  • red ones: are wounded,
  • black ones: Grief,
  • make: appear wiser than one is,
  • spin: your wealth grows,
  • weave: must count on some insecurity in the life,
  • shop: you want to commit an infidelity,
  • sew: you are loaded to a party,
  • sew a garment of silk: one will be always surrounded by good friends by whom he is estimated,
  • carry a silk garment: you want to be admired,
  • feel in silk wrapped: one will bring it sometime in his life to wealth,
  • see a good friend in a silk garment: Annoyance and envy will bring a lot of grief with itself.

(European ones).:

  • shimmering ones: it puts you before a signpost with 12 directions and lets you advise which way you should smash in the life,
  • see: you have big wishes, - a pleasant and well-to-do environment, - also promises: one will receive in close future a valuable present,
  • shop: you will come to good financial situation, - also: one is just about to cheat his lover or lover,
  • carry: your vanity damages to you,
  • silk clothes carry: high ambitions will be realised, - one would like to be admired by his environment even more, - the friendship with people from which one had become estranged is anew animated,
  • red ones: you have to fear wounds and injuries,
  • produce: one will have many friends who feel very well with one,
  • weave: Fear and worries in the business, - one will have to master in his life still many uncertainties,
  • see a handkerchief of silk: Their winning, charismatic kind emits in the whole cheerfulness on others so that you the luck almost pull,
  • Dreaming a young woman of old silk, she is very proud of her forefathers and is courted by a well-to-do, but not completely young man. If the silk is dirty or has wore out, the young woman will let the pride in her forefathers neglect.
  • Dreaming a young woman to sew silk cushion will have found them within less months a bridegroom.


  • shop: you will injure yourself,
  • see: favorable circumstances during the next days.
(See also velvet)

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