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Longing / long

In general:

Often feelings are strengthened in dreams. A need with which the person can handle in the everyday life very well becomes in the dream a search full of longing. Such a dream throws a light on a feeling which the dreaming exactly must look to understand it.


Needs and above all the feelings which are edged out long time press every now and then powerfully and increasingly to the surface of dreams. Besides, normal everyday wishes can disappear apparently into powerful longings and frighten the dreaming with her power.


Maybe the dreaming is not by apparently end wishing search for his spiritual become impatient. This impatience manifests itself in the dream often by a feeling full of longing.



  • have: somebody thinks with love of you.

(European ones).:

    the forces which one should not waste - also promise
  • : one is uninterested where mine wanted to be friendly, actually, - also: it will soon find big hope her fulfilment,
  • for the present of a person long: one gets very soon reassuring news of absent friends,
  • If a young woman believes, her lovers long for her, she will soon be able to be glad about the fact that you make somebody the long-desired marriage proposal. If she dreams of the fact that she longs for him, it will be left alone, and her longing will fast grow.

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