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Blessing / bless

In general:

Blessing (blessing) can stand for luck on the other life if one uses for it all energy. If one himself blesses somebody, one should help other unselfishly.


If a blessing is given in the dream, this is an expression of the approval - either the own or from someone else - to a position or enterprise. The more intensely the blessing and ever höherrangig the blessing, the more adequate it is for one in the regard on what means this for the awake life.



  • somebody: are hypocritical, - also: you say goodbye,
  • let themselves: true devoutness will calm you,
  • receive: Consolation and help is given you.

(European ones).:

  • means long life, or one will unexpectedly come into money,
  • to somebody bless: if own big auxiliary readiness registers, because one will support somebody vigorously,
  • are blest: new powerful energy climbs up from the core who will soon help one.


  • receive: you will become very old,
  • make a donation: you can be glad with your family very much, because a message from abroad will release you from all need,
  • see: if for you also everything still looks very murky, does not lose the courage. It becomes better certainly.

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