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In general:

The sail in the dream indicates at the intention to use available forces sensibly. The form of the signal may play a role. Old-fashioned sails are a tip to outdated methods, the sails of a racing boat against it maybe on the application of modern technology. Also the colour of the sail can matter.


The sail in a dream is a tip that the dreaming is guided in his decisions and with his lifestyle by his mind.


At the spiritual level sail embodies like the wind which swells them, the strength of the mind which speeds up the person.



  • see: a bigger trip start,
  • place: your business revives and you take pleasure,
  • heap: your hopes were in vain.

(European ones).:

  • see: announced a forthcoming long trip.


  • see: Affliction,
  • see distended: you still have luck,
  • see torn: hold on your luck, it wants to leave you.
(See also colours)

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