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Sea diver

medicine wheel:

Key words: Wildly, - awfully, - inspiring, - sociably, - voiced, - transforming, - magically, - loyalty, - grandmother moon. Description: The sea diver, in the internal circle of the medicine wheel the animal of the grandmother linked with the water moon, is a bird similar to duck who lives on fish and can dive. He sings an uncanny song which has already inspired many writers. In addition, the sea diver can also "yodel", expel plaintive calls and give every now and then noises of himself which resemble a laughter. For some trunks close to the earth the sea diver symbolises the transformation, the new birth, the creation and the big secret. General meaning: Your creative portion, - transformation in your life, - a part of you which is not synchronous with the society surrounding you. Association: - Transcendent meaning: The call of the sea diver in a dream can help you to travel between the creation empires to and fro, - a revelation about the secrets of the life, - a symbol for real transformation.

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