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Insults / offend


Insults and insults in the dream are mostly tips to feeling of inferiority, inhibitions, Überempfindlichkeit or vanity of the dreaming. However, they can also show aggressiveness if they are very massive. If the dreaming is offended in his dream, this is called that he shows a delicacy which he would not hold in the awake state for adequate. If it is the dreaming who offends another person, this refers to the fact that he offends consciously or unconsciously against his own morality code. He positions himself beyond the social norm or recognises with the fact that he knows about the feelings of the other not so well answer how he had to go. The whole dream action, above all the respect of the involved people to each other, gives other instructions.


A reference to spiritual action can matter here. Nevertheless, there remains to the dreaming leave to estimate the gravity of the insults and to behave accordingly.



  • in general: Your views and plans are not understood. You can count on no help. To caretakers.
  • are offended: to you favour and friendship is proved,
  • feel from somebody offended: the friends one has might be loyal and reliable,
  • add to somebody insults: one should check himself whether one was not too shy in an important situation, - with more assurance can be reached even more,

(European ones).:

  • warns about enemies, - lack of assurance,
  • with businessmen: big competition,
  • even other strangers offend: advises the self-control and rest, - also: one should check whether one was too shy in an important matter,
  • even friends offend: one does not trust his opinion towards these people to himself in the everyday life to say,
  • are offended and are angry at it: one will lose a dear being,
  • are offended and are not angry at it: are on the care before the coming annoyance,
  • are offended by an adult: if a separation can bring,
  • are offended by a child: good sign, - one becomes a profit in the lottery in an at most floating process etc. have,
  • of a foreign person: Misunderstanding in the professional activity,
  • with a young woman means the insults that her enviously reflected person uses her ignorance and brings them in a compromising situation with a stranger or endangers her interest in a friend.
(See also quarrel)

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