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Key words: Everywhere at the same time, - scavenger, - pliable, - no differences making, - slovenly, - loudly, - tiresomely, - inspiring, - charm, - peace. Description: Seagulls, birds with swimming skins and long wings, count in the seashores probably to the most often seeming birds. Once seagulls lived primarily on fish and of what they found along the coasts. Now many of them also fly in the inland and look themselves into the rubbish of the people. Seagulls are loudly, slovenly and not fastidiously concerning her food. However, her flight and her presence remind many people whom they would otherwise forget of the beauty of the mother earth and of the freedom of the bird's people. General meaning: A part of you who lifts everything without making a distinction, - placing the need, borders, - being quiet the need. Association: - Transcendent meaning: Gift of the inspiration and freedom.



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