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Sailors / sailor

In general:

A symbolic figure for wanderlust, adventurousness and fickle feelings. With most people the image of sailors is rather antiquated, and it is this picture which normally in the dream shape accepts. The sailor in the dream stands for freedom, of the movement as well as the mind, and is an embodiment of the loafer. He is the person who has his destiny completely in the hand. The today's sailor has, in addition, the advantage that he controls his environment.


It seems in a dream, above all in the dream of a woman, a sailor, it normally concerns a romanticised shape which can represent the archetypal hero. In the dream of a man he stands for the part of itself, looks for the freedom, but a permission or competence must receive to take this freedom.


At the spiritual level the sailor is a symbol of the communication in the dream. The aspect of the freedom has a connection with the being of the Mercury who receives an order and forgets him then.


(European ones).:

  • one be: if a sign is for restlessness and change in the matters,
  • are in the society of sailors: one can expect news from afar or the arrival of a friend.
(See also archetypes, sailor)

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