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  • you is too sensitive.

(European ones).:

  • dream of souls: one will deal with good people,
  • soul fair: in an awkward thing one will find mercy,
  • see leaving the own the body: one is involved in pointless aims which injure the sense of honour and make addicted to profit and stonyhearted,
  • an artist his soul sees
  • in another: one will find recognition if he devotes himself to his work and gives way to no sentimentality,
  • is the soul of another in one: one will receive words and reliefs from a still up to now unknown friend,
  • the immortality of the soul to discuss: one will get several possibilities to receive the desired education, and have the pleasure to operate with intellectuals,
  • Seeing a young musician another young woman in wafer-thin clothes on the stage and believes, her soul is in the others, she draws with an engagement the short straw.

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