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Sea cow

medicine wheel:

Key words: Manlike, - sea virgins, - motherly, - socially, - affectionately. Description: Sea cows or the family meant here of the round tail lake cows or Manatis are big mammals with a cylindrical formed body who live in coastal waters or rivers. Their forelegs are reshuffled to fins, nevertheless, have big resemblance to human arms. The mother's cows hold her babies in her arms and press them to her breast. They are very socially opposed animals who assemble with pleasure and play with each other. They embrace and "kiss each other" mutually and expel a huge number of different sounds. Round tail lake cows are slow and not very careful, therefore, they are injured more and more often by boats. In the antiquity and in the Mediterranean Sea one called sea cows also sea virgins or sirens (still today her scientific name: Sirenia) and thought that they are similar to the person. General meaning: Nourishing (physically and spiritually) part of your nature, - your need to give affection and to conceive. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A revelation about your origin in the water, either in the womb or at the beginning of the evolution, - a look at the part of itself which, although humanely, the connection with the animal kingdom and with the element water remembers.

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