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Association: - held back emotions, - often a feeling of the rest and the peace. Question: - Which feelings can I easily preserve in myself?

In general:

A lake in the dream shows the internal world of the feelings and imagination, the unaware side of the dreaming which can be a rich strength spring if he knows to tap them. If the lake has got dirty, has taken over of the dreaming ideas and images which do not correspond to him and are not good for him, hence. Clear sea water makes clear that the dreaming has cleared his fears and thoughts concerning himself.


Like the sea (see there) the lake is a part of the collective unconscious in constant turning to the personal unconscious, only here the shore quieter waters surrounds which does not know the width (sea) and also is stirred up not always stormily. In the dream translation the lake can outline the quiet water (see there) which deeply founds. Who dreams of a lake, maybe comes to a quieter time, - probably he can look back at a period of life which has so tightened him that he wishes now more leisureliness in the existence. Nevertheless, he is never capable of himself completely of the rest add, because sudden storms can whip up his lake in the dream and leave the dreamer in the awake life as it were in the rain. The lake in the dream is held for the native country of magic femininity and from monsters, hence, he stands for the darker side of the female. Such pictures play a role in the dream if the dreaming loses the fear of this part of his personality.


At the spiritual level the lake in the dream symbolises the unconscious and the old substance.



  • big, more quietly and from pure colour see: View of glad future and happy acquaintances, - rest and peace in the next time,
  • of clouded sea mirrors: must count on the disturbances for which one mostly is to blame himself,
  • stormily more moved: Family disagreements, - you do not have it easily in the marriage,
  • fish in it: you do not use your advantage, - also: you will fall in love,
  • have a bath in it: you are observed,
  • swim in it: you make new friends,
  • on the sea shore lie: you are contented and happy,

(European ones).:

  • new decisions suggest themselves, - the more worriedly the lake, must be met the faster the decision,
  • see one: one will meet a person, to that the remark applies 'quiet waters are deep',
  • have a bath in one or on it go: the precalled remark is to be applied to itself,
  • more dirtily or more cloudily: Care, you do not have to do blindly on a putative aim loose taxes,
  • dirtier by naked rocks and bald trees is surrounded: if a sad end promises in the commercial life and dear life,
  • dirty, from green trees surrounded lake: announces that own morality to one protects against passionate wishes, - by overcoming one will steer the energy in sure and worthwhile roads,
  • more cleanly and from baldness surrounded lake: a profitable existence is ruined by passionate excesses,
  • the water is clear and quiet and the boat trip is amusing: domestic comfort and success in the business can expect, - in stormy or uncomfortable weather: one is confronted with difficulties which one will overcome with patience,
  • are reflected in the clear water: if a sign is for joys and many loyal friends,
  • green trees are reflected in the lake: one will enjoy violent passion and dear luck,
  • slimy and uncanny inhabitants of the lake climb up and threaten to one: if misses and a bad health mean by the squandering of time and energy with forbidden pleasure, - one will enjoy to the full the pleasure up to the inclination and feel remorse,
  • Dreaming a young woman to be only on a worried and dirty lake then many strokes of fate approach her, and she will regret former excesses and the disregard of the virtue. If water penetrates into boat and can reach them the boathouse under big strain still certainly, she is defeated by a wrong conviction which she will overcome, nevertheless. A person being close to her possibly becomes ill.
  • Seeing a woman a young pair which can escape from the same situation she will find out that a friend has committed breaches of trust. Nevertheless, she will forgive him.


  • fish in it: you will get a bad woman,
  • more quietly and cloudily: Misfortune and pursuit,
  • quietly, clearly and sunny: happy connection,
  • see with clear water up to the reason: you have a pure mind,
  • on go more stormily: you will escape a danger,
  • to stormy ones see: a lot of discomfort in the love.
(See also 'river', 'sea', 'ocean', 'water')

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