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Association: - Expansion, organisation, harmony, family life. Question: - Which obligation is I to be taken over ready?


This number expresses the balance of the forces: six squares of the cube or two equilateral, triangles pushed into each other of a sechsstrahligen star, with which the triangle with the point down according to opinion of many psychoanalysts the female one which symbolises upwards the male gender organ with the point. After the number symbolism which was founded by the natural philosopher Pythagora Two is the first female one, Three first male numbers. Six arises by the multiplication of these both figures and describes the constant fight of the arrangements according to feeling against the much too realistic forces which want to switch off any feeling, besides, cannot resist, however, the attempts of the everyday life. Hence, it does not surprise that Six stands as a symbol for harmony and balance between man and woman in a partnership. The words Six and sex sound very similar, also in the dream Six can have an erotic meaning.



  • put The number in the lottery.
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