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A principal purpose of our dreams is to project the difficulties of our awake life to us, so that we can better understand this - by understandable symbols. However, symbols can also appear without evident relations. The dreams in which one stamps by a morass a mountain or a cliff face climbs, struggles by ice and snow or from a crazy garden or labyrinth tries to come out, can refer to different difficulties. They come if one sees himself in a more or less hopeless position. Mostly they reflect own difficulties in the awake life, translated by the mental or emotional level on the physical one. It can be worthwhile to say the dreams that one needs more information: One please before falling asleep to the dreams to show a way out from the marsh or on the mountain. The dreams give then an instruction. Maybe the former dream symbol - marsh or mountaintop - returns not at all, however, for it there appears a new symbol which offers on his part a way out from the awake problem. The purification of the meaning depends with on the Nebensymbolen.


(European ones).:

  • diving big difficulties on and one overcomes them, will happily run everything well and the life.

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