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In general:

One understands mother-in-law in the altindischen dream interpretation as a symbol for business success. Other dream books against it interpret them than warning of disputes. The exact meaning also depends with on whether one really has a good or bad respect with his mother-in-law.


Who dreams of a bad mother-in-law, grief maybe has in own family. The unconscious suggests us the picture of the mother-in-law behind whom, however, probably own mother (see there) is with whom one seeks advice.



  • see: Frustration and annoyance in dear problems, - also: you are unfair and jealous,
  • see a foreign woman as those: one should concentrate upon his duties and duties and wield a bigger authority towards certain people.

(European ones).:

  • means quarrel, - a happy reconciliation also forecasts after a bad disagreement, - also: Shops fail, one will have to reshape his plans,
  • she gets
  • Arguing to herself a woman with her mother-in-law, annoyance with cantankerous people.


  • see: Luck in your shops,
  • speak: you will find help in the need.
(See also mother)

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