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In general:

The excess of a threshold in the dream points to the entrance of a new scope. To be carried about a threshold, marriage can mean or show the beginning of a new pair relation. Threshold symbolises a change of the life which one has initiated by a decision, - one stands before the threshold, one must still only make an important decision in the life.


If the dreaming is short to take over a new area of responsibility, this can be expressed in the dream by the standing position on a threshold. He puts the first step into a new period of life, or Maybe he begins another kind of the lifestyle. The threshold experience, so the crossing of a life phase in the other, is emphasised by initiation rites.


The dreaming stands on the threshold to a spiritual fresh start. He should give in this phase to all what happens round him special attention.



  • you expects an advertisement.
  • cross: a new segment have begun in the occupation and life, or a home found,
  • stand before one: mind that you do not trip, because a difficult situation requires big attention.

(European ones).:

  • cross one: one will soon begin a new professional or private period of life, or one founds own home,
  • see themselves before one: now one should be careful, so that one does not overlook a difficult situation and trips, besides.


  • cross: you will soon found own home.

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