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Sweat should promise the healing of an illness after old dream books. Universal asks he to escape from edged out contents of the unconscious, - under circumstances fears stand behind it also. If other people sweat, however, he should think over whether he does not transmit too many duties to his people instead of positioning himself to themselves.



  • pour: laborious things must undertake,


  • a good omen: They have planned wise ones and have worked strictly and continuously on your aim - and have well made headway. Now, hence, you should stick to your plans and raise once again so much strength as you are able at all. Then the aim will be soon achieved. Since only he really makes progress who progresses straight and powerfully. (Man
+ / woman +)

(European ones).:

  • means for ill recovery.


  • have in himself: Illness,
  • see in others: avoid the neighbours.

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