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be quiet

In general:

One interprets silence as an internal balance, peace and serenity which one has reached or should aim. Silence in the dream can also be a tip to uneasiness and expectation. It indicates a waiting for the fact that something happens or does not happen. If a dream figure is quiet, although the dreaming expects that she speaks, he is unsafe, like that part of itself which the other person embodies reacts in the awake state.


If the dreaming is quiet, he is incapable to catch his feelings or opinions in words. He is restrained either by himself or by external influence in his self-printout.


From spiritual view the silence shows a space in which words and sounds are not necessary. Many religious orders prescribe are quiet, because they assume from the fact that thus the notification with God better functions. At the spiritual level silence in the dream can be a tip that a retreat from the world is necessary.



  • success and wealth.

(European ones).:

  • talk is silver, silence is gold!

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