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Sulphur mostly asks to bring order in the life and to escape from some qualities. Sometimes he can also announce an illness.



  • indicates at envious people, - war danger and need,
  • see burning: Cunning find out.

(European ones).:

  • see: meant illness, - warns against going forward extremely discreetly in his shops, because a decayed play threatens, - also: because of dishonourable shops one will lose many friends if one omits to make up for the mistakes,
  • more burning: if an omen is for the fact that the property will require more attention,
  • fumigate a little bit with it: one will make in the house order,
  • eat: if health and pleasure promises.


  • see: finally, you are released from long worries,
  • sulphur smell: pay attention to your house! You will escape a fire danger.
(See also wreath)

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