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black (colour, - non-light)

Association: - Isolation, limitation, separation, inside show, transitional colour. Question: From what do I cut off myself?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Shades, - femininity, - intuition, - blank, - maturity, - mysteriousness, - inside show, - rebirth, - loss, - destruction, - Mudjekeewis, western guardian of the mind, - moon of the long snow. Description: The colour Black is associated, as well as the blue, with the west and with Mudjekeewis, the western guardian of the mind, and, in addition, with the moon of the long snow (from the 22nd of November to the 21st of December). The colour Black in which in truth all colours are included is looked in the society often as empty. It is the colour of the night, the darkness, the colour which you enter if you proceed in the shade of your nature. In days of yore one held black for a very female colour and interpreted them rather than the emptiness from which everything comes, when that in which everything disappears. General meaning: A deep, intuitive part of your being, - the ostensible emptiness which contains everything, - the emptiness, - the night, - your relation to internal and external darkness, - your shade, an unknown or unrecognized aspect of your being. Association: African, - black painting. Transcendent meaning: The emptiness from which all things come which permit the access to all creation empires, - the gift of female power.

In general:

Black can stand for 'dark' unknown sides of the personality which one must accept, nevertheless. The colour of the grief, the darkness. It is to be evaluated generally negatively and is valid as a reminder of moving his life. The dreaming is afraid of stranger and also denies himself new to try out.


Black is, actually, no colour, rather a 'non-light', hence, it means in the dream also a 'non-life', or a 'non-consciousness'. However, it is also a tip to the mental state, a sign for grief and death. Surprisingly verbildlicht not only for the white a black person the shade. Originally the black colour to the female mysteries was connected, because all life arises from the darkness. Nevertheless, while penetrating the patriarchy the black was demonised and the whiteness symbolising the mind was glorified. If in the dream a black person appears of whom we are afraid or are disgusted, then refers, among the rest, to the refusal of our female side. At the same time it is also expelled to the fact that a lack of consciousness exists. To be able to determine more exactly the edged out shade, the black person must be exactly characterised.



  • see: Incommodities agree, - death or misfortune.


  • a warning symbol: In the darkness everything is well interwined, but our eyes see nothing, disagreeable develops unseen. If this colour controls the dream, it wants to prepare the dreaming for something disagreeable. He can turn away it if he recognises looking ahead what it concerns and braces itself with all his strength against the negative development.

(European ones).:

  • see everything black and sad: Signs of illness and advises the change, if anyhow possibly.


  • colour: Grief.
(See also darkness, colours, darkness, clothes, night)

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